Carmen Antal Cujbă

Singer in Folk Ensemble “Rhapsody Călimanilor” in 1993.
Repertoire: Romantic, party songs, folk songs.
Collaborator of Ensemble “Rhapsody”, of the Ministry of Interior as an interpreter of ballads, Ensemble “Doina Bucharest”, between 1985 – 1993, and awards at festivals including: Romances Songs Festival “Golden Chrysanthemum” in 1986, “Zlatna” Festival at Târgoviște, 2008 and others.

Livia Harpa

Collaborating with national radio and television stations, regional and local, is a singer in the Artistic Ensemble “Călimanilor Rhapsody” since 1990, holding a rich repertoire of the folklore promoting Topliţa and Superior Mureș Valley.

  • four folk albums: “If I would be as I was”, “Come on topliţeni to dance”, “As a bread is youth”, “Green grape from vineyard”
  • two albums of pricesne but also addresses party song and romance.

Alexandru Oltean

Award at the “Maria Tănase” Festival, Craiova (1984), “Maria Lătăreţu” Festival Audience Award (1987), has been promoted to sing in Artistic Ensemble “Călimanilor Rhapsody” after obtaining the Grand Prize at the “Miorița” Festival in Toplița, 1996.
Repertoire: Romantic, party songs, folk songs from Mureș area.

Dragomir Raita

Awarded Grand Prize at the “Miorița” festival, Edition XIV, in 2002. Collaborator of the Artistic Ensemble “Călimanilor Rhapsody” in 2006, promotes party songs, Învârtita and Ştraerele from the Superior Mureș and Topliţa areas.
Album: “If the world would be as once”.