Artistic Ensemble “Călimanilor Rhapsody” in Topliţa was established in 1990 as a professional institution shows, at the request of the Romanian civil society, due to the transformation of former Folk Group of Trade Unions “Harghita” in Folk Ensemble Secuiesc State “Harghita”. Professional Ensemble “Călimanilor Rhapsody” operates under the Cultural Center of the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage and has a history of 20 years, during which time he represented the foothills of the folk Călimani, Gurghiu, Giurgeu, Bistriţei, Mureș Valley Higher Plain and Transylvania in several festivals, folk festivals being successful in professional in Romania, held in Baia-Mare, Târgu Jiu Târgu-Mureș, etc. and cultural activities worldwide.

Over the years Professional Ensemble “Călimanilor Rhapsody” represented Romania in European countries such as France, Bulgaria, Albania, Ukraine, Hungary, Greece, Moldova and in Qatar, showing games and suites in most areas of country folk, The Superior Mureș Valley games, games Transylvanian Plain, Târnavelor Valley games, games of Moldova (Trotuș Valley), Codrenească area, Maramureș, Banat, Wallachia (Breaza) games in the Făgăraș (Crihalma), Bistrița-Năsăud, Callus Olt, games and ballroom, gypsy games. Professional Ensemble “Călimanilor Rhapsody” consists of consecrated dancers, orchestra and vocal soloists and young who take and pass on the values of Romanian folklore.

We aim to bring to the attention of the younger generation the great traditional values that people have value when they know their roots.


The purpose of this institution is to collect, store, preserve, transmit and exploit folklore, traditions and culture of the foothills Călimani, Gurghiu, Giurgeu, Bistriţei, Superior Mureș Valley and Transylvanian Plain, and habits and customs of the main ethnology-folk areas. In its 20 years of activity, Artistic Ensemble “Călimanilor Rhapsody” managed to capitalize folklore through every representative or sustained performance in the country or across national borders. It represented with honor and pride customs and folklore beauty of the area where it has its roots and at all the festivals and tournaments in Bulgaria, Albania, Ukraine, France, Moldova, Hungary, Greece, Moldova, Qatar etc. Also, it was always among the winners in professional folk festivals in Romania, held in Baia-Mare, Târgu-Jiu, Târgu Mureș.


Suite Popular Games:

  • Topliţa local area (Bilbor, Corbu, Subcetate, Sărmaș)
  • Superior Mureș Valley Games
  • Games of the Transylvanian Plain
  • Târnavelor Valley Games
  • Games of Moldova (Trotuș Valley)
  • Games of Codrenească area
  • Maramureș Games
  • Games of Banat
  • Games of Wallachia (Breaza)
  • Games in the Fagaras (Crihalma)
  • Games in Bistrita-Nasaud
  • Călușul of Oltenia
  • Gypsy dances
  • ballroom dancing.

It also has a whole series of fixtures for different habits of the year (Sânziene, Flag Suite, Împrourat, Carols, Bou înstruţat, Sheep measure, and so on).